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Kunst für Unternehmen

Be special and design your business location with original art. Be more than conventional. For mor than 30 years we are designing offices, lounges, conference rooms wirh our handmade art.



Here you can realize your imagination. The logo of the company, a collage of different materials like circuit boards of your own production. Its always an original handmade painting that pulls attention from visitors, friends or business partners.



Especially for Hotels and gastronomy we have portraits of animals. They will get the attention of your guests. Improve the memorable value of your company. Original Art will always be perceived differently than a poster. This positive property has shown that our paintings bring you worthy audience.


Handmade Art


Happy Clients

Künstler aus Stuttgart

We live in the vicinity of Stuttgart and our passion is painting – the creation of art. In the last 30 years hundreds of companies got equiped with our art. Not only in Baden-Württemberg. Decorative painting elements, high quality art. 

Many Comments from economy, culture, politics confirm our good production. This is a great investment, because artist creat pure culture.